Because sleep matters!

Sleep is essential for the quality of life as well as physical and mental health. NapCoin leverages the blockchain and data analytics technologies and engages the community to monitor their sleep. Get passive income while you sleep by just wearing the Napper™ and share your data to support us in our vision of a world where everybody sleeps well.

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About NapCoin

By collecting statistical data with a worldwide community and a specific initial and daily question catalog, Nap Coin will focus on generating a high-quality data pool. Pharma or Insurance companies or even a medical institute can also reach out to Nap Coin to generate specific data collection.

In comparison to sleep labs, Nap Coin is applied in every user’s natural environment. This makes the data more realistic even if some parameters cannot be tracked, like brainwaves, eye movements or breathing.

Each user can decide how much of his data he will provide. Based on a special reward system, users will earn Nap Coins for their daily set of data.

Every data set is anonymized and processed considering all known data security standards.

Distribution of Tokens

85% of the maximum supply is reserved to reward the community for their shared data.

The maximum supply are 1.500.000.000 tokens

NapCoin is based on the blockchain technology with the aim to improve the sleep of everybody and support the research on sleep disorders.

Token release planned for 60 years with halving every 4 years.

Rewards split:

Maintenance (NapCoin): 10% to ensures the continuous improvement, development and maintenance by the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).

Sensor owners: 85% as rewards for the shared sleep data and 5% during the IDO.

  • 85% Distributed to Community

  • 7% Founders, Advisors & Team

  • 3% Marketing and airdrop rewards

  • 5% IDO

Reward Calculator

*The reward calculator is in USD and based on price assumptions. The earnings can be higher or lower depending on the token price.

Reward Class

By increasing your membership, you can earn more coins every night. A higher membership can be achieved by applying for the next level and fulfilling the minimum criteria for at least one month. Monthly the eligibility of the membership will be checked.


Starter user that could earn a maximum of 5 coins per day by sharing the Napper™ data


Proficient user that could earn a maximum of 20 coins per day by sharing the Napper™ data, staking 10’000 NapCoins™ and filling out a monthly questionnaire

Proficient user that could earn a maximum of 40 coins per day by sharing the Napper™ data, staking 100’000 NapCoins™ and filling out a weekly questionnaire


Diamond user that could earn a maximum of 80 coins per day by sharing the Napper™ data, staking 300’000 NapCoins™ and filling out a daily questionnaire

Our Promise

Architecture NapCoin

The Benefits of NapCoin

How it all started

Q2 (Apr - Jun) 2022
Go-Live of the website and start of the marketing activities, while in parallel building of the prototypes.
Q3 (July - Sep) 2022
Testing of the prototypes, data analytics and blockchain functionalities. Start building of the App and back-end.
Q4 (Oct - Dec) 2022
Start of pre-sale of the Napper™ and IDO of the NapCoin™. Production start of the Napper™. Go-Live of the beta version of the App for selected testing community.
Q1 (Jan - Mar ) 2023
Shipping of the Napper™ and Go-Live of the App. Start of the sales activities for the collected data.
Q2 (Apr - Jun) 2023
Go-live reward class. First partnerships and sales of the collected data with companies.
Q3 (July - Sep) 2023
Go-live of the personalized sleep improving recommendations and products.
Q4 (Oct - Dec) 2023
Continuous improvement through exchanges with universities and experts. Community and partner focused prioritization of the roadmap.

Waitlist Napper™

Sign up for waitlist to get informed for the Pre-Sales start
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